Avatara Events

Fairs / Exposhows

We create a space where exhibitors and visitors meet to interact in a virtual environment, recreating the reality of fairs and exposhows. You can hold a fair for a specific economic sector or recreate a large multi-sector business center offering all kinds of products and services.

With a Caribbean feel, our virtual world offers a number of locations recreating the space and features of fairs and on-site exposhows. With us, your guests will be able to:

  • Visit stands and see commercial samples
  • Buy online
  • Attend conferences scheduled by exhibitors
  • With their avatars, share and exchange opinions with other attendees in the corridors and other meeting spaces

As event organizer, we offer you:

  • Personalization of selected spaces
  • Branding at the stands of exhibitors
  • Branding of the organizing brand in main spaces
  • Full support before and during the event
  • Event reports and metrics

Congresses, forums and conferences

We offer multiple spaces with a variety of designs to carry out your academic/corporate avatar event. To connect exhibitors and visitors through immersive reality, we have:

  • 2 Auditorium-type Event Centers with different capacities
  • 3 Conference Rooms
  • 1 Complete Tower with 11 virtual classrooms
  • 4 Business Centers
  • 3 Meeting Rooms
  • 4 Board Meeting Rooms on one floor of the Island Offices

Each space has projection screens to load documents, presentations, websites, etc. In addition, each space has branding areas available for organizing brands and sponsors.

If at this time you cannot hold your event by the beach, AVATARA Island can! Choose rooms with ocean views and throw a great closing party at Baru Beach or Los Pegasos Terrace. Remember that in our virtual world, attendees can permanently interact among themselves and with exhibitors.

Macro Business Conferences

Organize a business conference for entrepreneurs and large businesses to cross borders through virtual reality. For years, macro business conferences have become one of the most important resources for entrepreneurs. Organize this type of event to connect investors and entrepreneurs, buyers and sellers, and develop startup pitches and investment rounds.

Our Conference Rooms can accommodate anywhere between 2 and 10 people, to sit down and exchange ideas. And don't forget to take advantage of our outdoor spaces so that business-closing conversations can happen with the waves splashing in the background.

The time has come to venture into new markets, because AVATARA Island has no geographical barriers!

Brand activations / Product launches

Use our indoor and outdoor spaces to give your client/consumer a unique experience. This will help them remember your brand and your new product for a long time. On AVATARA Island we offer inspiring places that your guests will appreciate and enjoy. Take them on a trip along the Caribbean coast, where you can develop your marketing strategy and enhance the emotions that the new product/service produces in potential clients.

We offer you:

  • Accompaniment in the creation and development of creative ideas
  • Personalization and branding of selected virtual spaces, according to the creative ideas
  • Presentation of products/services via streaming, images and 3D videos
  • Link to the brand's website so that customers can buy directly from suppliers
  • Full support before and during the event
  • Event reports and metrics

Remember, Top Brand, our parent company, specializes in Engagement and Brand Experience.

Movie and entertainment show launches

We offer immersive virtual spaces so that you can launch your entertainment show and/or movie. Ask about our auditorium-type Event Centers and the breathtaking Getsemani Theater. Remember that your guests, in addition to being in the space you select for the event, will also be able to move around our virtual world to enjoy the beach, the sea and the sand. On AVATARA Island, your guests can interact with each other all the time with their own voices.

Don’t let your launch go unnoticed!