Avatar virtual classes

We offer an option to replace classes currently imparted on traditional web platforms, and turn around zoom-type educational conferences.

In our Avatar classrooms, teachers, lecturers and speakers have learning resources at their disposal such as streaming and live broadcasts, projection of presentations, videos and 3D images. All while students are able to interact with each other and with the teacher in an immersive way, in real time, and with their own voices.

Do not forget to visit the San Francisco Building, located in the highest part of the island, with 11 flexible- accommodation rooms. All around our virtual world, we have multiple meeting rooms that will serve as training classrooms. And the best thing is that, in their spare time, students and attendants will share valuable moments of relaxation by the sea, enjoying the sound of the waves and the Caribbean atmosphere.

Training and Coaching

We offer you our virtual world to realize all your business and training goals. On AVATARA Island, you have a wide variety of indoor and outdoor spaces to develop events in which attendees can get training in an interactive and friendly way.

For workshops or training sessions, we have the San Francisco Tower located at the top of the island, with 11 flexible rooms and different formats. Take advantage of our virtual world to boost the human development plans and sales objectives of your company: develop scavenger hunts, training seminars, training sessions, sales clinics, etc.