We are pleased to introduce our India Catalina Exhibition Pavilion, a modern space to hold fairs and exhibitions

where attendees will live an impressive virtual 3D experience. This place has a full floor for exhibitors with a capacity of up to 200 stands, a large lobby, socialization spaces, auditoriums, meeting rooms and more.


One of the most exciting features of our India Catalina Pavilion is the exhibitor floor, a space with various customization options to suit a wide variety of uses. It has a modular floor plan with capacity for up to 200 stands available in three sizes, and can be customized to include clickable logos, colors, websites and graphics. Each stand is surrounded by a private area, allowing exhibitors to speak individually with attendees coming into their space.

Meeting rooms and auditoriums:

The India Catalina Exhibition Pavilion also includes auditoriums and meeting rooms, providing organizers with a
wide selection of spaces for presentations, sessions and meetings of all sizes. There are also outdoor venues, ideal for social events, receptions, or for more informal conversations.

Event attendees socialize in the lobby:

Just as all spaces on AVATARA Top Brand Island allow attendees to interact and have encounters with others (as they would in person), the India Catalina Pavilion also offers a place for this. The lobby is perfect for meeting old friends and catching up, or making new contacts through casual conversations. These types of social interaction are what makes events unforgettable for guests.