The San Andres Event Center was designed for users to experience interactions on a large scale. It is a virtual environment in which up to 1,200 avatars can be comfortably seated in a large auditorium to attend massive online meetings, conferences and webinars, at the same time witnessing how these events are taken to the next level of virtuality.


Visiting the San Andres Event Center is very easy. Enter AVATARA Top Brand Island and in the "GO TO" menu

located in the upper left corner, click on the name. You will notice that the stage has three large screens; speakers will be able to display websites or upload files on each screen (this allows them to display multiple contents at once). Even attendees at the back of the auditorium can perfectly view the presentations from each screen, using our screen zoom feature:

You will never feel that the venue is too big or too small for your event, since the number of seats is modifiable. From 100 to 1,200 avatars will be comfortably seated and distributed in this space.


Interested in exploring the great San Andres Event Center? We recommend you schedule a guided tour of the Island