Weddings and ceremonies

A wedding is one of the most important moments in a person’s life and it deserves all the attention. This virtual world offers you several locations to have your symbolic ceremony and subsequent party. Tour the island by boat with your guests and arrive at Los Pegasos Terrace to have a view of the sea and the sensation of the breeze, and have the wedding you dreamed of so much.

Prom & graduation parties

Gather all your guests and friends to celebrate this special date. On AVATARA Top Brand Island you can recreate that important moment of going on stage to receive your diploma. And what to say about what you can do to celebrate… How about a party that takes place in various settings? Create a tour of various places in the virtual world, redecorate each space and enjoy different types of music in each environment. For the closing, choose Baru Island or Tierra Bomba, enjoy a great concert and surprise your guests with a spectacular fireworks show.


Birthday parties, baby showers, sweet 16 and other social events

Celebrate your 15 th birthday with your best friends on AVATARA Top Brand Island, with a private concert with the sound of seagulls and a sunset on the beach.

Get ready for the arrival of your baby surrounded by your loved ones, no matter where they are on the planet.

Celebrate your birthday and other important moments in our spaces, evoking the Caribbean coast.

We have everything so that your friends and loved ones can experience real emotions with you in our virtual

world. Our added value to your SOCIAL EVENTS & GATHERINGS:

  • Our parent company is Top Brand, an agency specializing in Engagement and Brand Experience. We offer you professional support to create and realize your event.
  • Space personalization and adaptation.
  • Projection screens to showcase images of hosts. You can also project a great concert.
  • 24/7 support for you and your guests in the use of avatars and the Virtual World.
  • Communication between your guests in real time and with their own voices.